What is Liberte!

LiberteWorld!’ aims at being wide European platform for international debate within liberal environment, at the same time open also to discussions with other intellectual trends. Values promoted by ‘LiberteWorld!’ include widely understood freedom, free economy, open society as well as European integration.

LiberteWorld!’ was set up by young Polish liberals who in 2008 created magazine ‘Liberte!’. Its mission is to promote liberal values both through lively on-line portal and hard printed quarterly. Institutional partners of the magazine include the Batory Foundation, the Polish Confederation of Private Employers “Lewiatan”, the School for Leaders Association and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Authors who wrote for ‘Liberte!’ include internationally recognized writers such as Norman Davies and Adam Michnik.

LiberteWorld!’ initially was set up by Polish authors but it is designed to be a platform for sharing ideas and opinions regardless of geographical borders, open to anyone eager to participate in a widely understood liberal debate. It aims at fulfilling the gap of pan-European media available in English providing content of the highest quality.

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