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Günter Grass on another planet

Published on April 17, 2012 by: in: Culture

Günter Grass wrote a poem. Many extreme left-wing communities in Western Europe will probably love it, but from my point of view, the German poet wrote his own court sentence – he has condemned himself to damnation.

Günter Grass wrote about Israel and Iran, about their increasing conflict – the main reason of which is that one part of Tehran’s official foreign policy is a quite difficult-to-negotiate-goal – a “wipe-Israel-off-from-the-Earth” goal. Grass, however, as a writer always being original, recognizes Israel as a threat to the peace and he calls on to stop it from the murder on the Iranian nation.

While constantly analyzing the reality in a doctrinaire manner, one eventually loses contact with that reality. Grass has definitively lost that contact. He is right when he writes that Israel and Iran both have (or, as in the case of Iran, soon will have) nuclear weapons that are out of the international community’s control. Yet Israel and Iran are not in the same situation. Israel has never threatened any country with the use of weapons of mass destruction. Such actions against Israel are among the major foreign policy statements of Iran. The nuclear weapon is safe in Israel’s hands, because the leaders of this country are a guarantee that it will not be used in any aggressive manner. The Iranian leadership evidently has other plans.

Grass criticizes any possible Israeli plans of launching a first strike against Iran’s nuclear program infrastructure. Even if it occurs, it will not be an attack with weapons of mass destruction. Does the writer prefer that Iran attacks first using nuclear weapons and Israel is passively waiting for it? Is it serious?

photo: Das blaue Sofa

photo: Das blaue Sofa

This is not serious of course and Mr. Günter Grass is not a person that deserves serious consideration in the political debate. He has his works, outstanding literature and this is what he is good at. In the field of politics, he appears as a primitive demagogue, populist, and a utopian storyteller, he often resounds with the facts. Now all the above comes with the anti-Israeli bigotry that infected a large portion of the extreme left in Europe, the Communists, Trotskyists, Maoists and other groups of this kind. Their irrational, instinctive hatred of the U.S. “imperialism,” which has been instilled into them one day in the era of “useful idiots” by the USSR, now pays off in the form of automatic hatred towards Israel, according to the logic of the ‘big Satan, the little Satan.” Little Hitler of the 21st century, Mr. Ahmadinejad, turns out to be an acceptable partner for anti-Israeli propaganda campaign.

Contrary to all the hopes of the people like Gunter Grass, Israel will not be anxiously waiting to see if nuclear-armed Iran fulfills its threats and attacks, for example, Tel Aviv. Israel has a right to defend itself against those threats.

As far as my opinion is concerned, Günter Grass has gone mad. I do not claim that, as a German citizen, he has no right to preach such views, because he has. I do not say either that by doing so, he has become an anti-Semite, because still it is not true. To have such views, you do not need to be anti-Semitic. You must be just crazy.

Translation: Martyna Kozik

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