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What next after Toulouse?

Published on March 29, 2012 by: in: Politics

It has always been said about Nicolas Sarkozy that he is a good president for the time of crisis. And that this is mainly why he still fights for re-election, despite the fact that many do not like him in France – in quiet times his hyperactivity and impulsiveness labelled him as a troublemaker. The same characteristics transformed into effectiveness and decisiveness in the times of crisis – of debt burden in Europe and in recent days after killings in Toulouse.

photo: Virginia Manso

photo: Virginia Manso

It may be expected then that shortly after the happenings in Toulouse his electoral ratings shall still grow. Even today he took the lead in all the polls, and in the second round he again lessened his loss (54:46). The Left understands this threat well, but can’t keep a cool head. François Hollande approved of the police’s well-organized actions, but his surroundings began to criticise the work of security service in a quite uncoordinated way.

Reshuffling continues among other candidates. The third place in polls was taken by the far left-wing Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who does not engage in polemics about Toulouse and persistently builds his support. Marine Le Pen is still in crisis and loses her support in favour of Sarkozy. The centrist Bayrou, who displayed the issue of public debt at the head of his campaign, cannot find his feet in the new situation.

Sarkozy’s strategy is clear – he wants to beat Hollande in the first round with as many votes as possible, to spread confusion in his ranks and force him to commit mistakes on the final straight. Then nobody shall have any doubts as to who is the only competent candidate for president.

Translation: Alicja Bratkowska

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