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Case of Hungary: Will the EU remain a community of democratic states?

Published on January 19, 2012 by: in: Politics

Situation in Hungary under Victor Orban became extremely serious, it is time to raise an alarm. In the center of Europe, EU member state moves gradually from democracy to soft authoritarianism, system which clearly prefers one political party. If Europe is to stay the supportive and liberal democracy body than in spite of hard economic situation and struggle with the crisis it cannot allow itself to tolerate such behavior inside the community.


European Commission against Hungary

That is why we should look with sympathy towards the European Commission’s statement, which clearly opposes the last decisions made by the Hungarian government:

  • Limiting the power of the Hungarian Central Bank. The Parliament in Budapest passed the resolution for the expansion of the Monetary Policy Council’s equivalent, where members are appointed directly by the Prime Minister Orban. This way independence of the Central Bank becomes a pure fiction.
  • Attack on the independent judiciary. Lowering the retirement age of the judges to 62 years resulted in removal of 200 key judges. They are replaced by the lawyers connected with Fidesz, appointed by the government.
  • Attack on the law protecting Hungarian personal data. If the EU wants to maintain its values and its authority for the sake of the acquis communautaire  achievement, it must take straight actions against Hungary.

It would be logical to block the flow of the European funds to Hungary. Poland should clearly support the European Commission, despite the common history and sympathy for Hungary.

EU has to react

Support for the democracy in Budapest and maintaining the cohesion of the Union as a community of fully democratic member states definitely lies in Polish interests. It is worth mentioning that what happens today in Hungary goes beyond the plans that Jarosław Kaczyński wanted to introduce between 2005 and 2007 in Poland. If the EU during the time of crisis does not maintain cohesion and basic values on which it was formed, it will start to decay, lose its attractiveness and power to appeal as a great foreland of free world. What is frightening is the increasing number of voices from the Polish right and the church underlying the need to implement the Hungarian model in Poland.

However, it seems that soon costs of the economic policy carried out by Budapest will be so enormous (among others, increasing costs of the foreign debt, stopping the flow of the EU money, recession), so severe that nobody will want to follow Orban’s path.

It is a pity that it will surely have influence on the level of life and prosperity of all Hungarians…

Translation: Katarzyna Białecka

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